We’re Optimists

When we look around, we see a world where big ideas solve impossible problems. Where sustainable solutions bring lasting change. And where innovation creates unprecedented impact.

With an unbound passion for these radical solutions, we fuel the fires of the world’s most creative problem-solvers: the ones doing more with less; the ones reinventing the very systems that created today’s problems; the changemakers, the revolutionaries, the social entrepreneurs who share our belief that every young voice is valuable, and that by unleashing the potential of those most in need, we will create a better future.

What We Do

Fossil Foundation invests in big ideas that unleash the potential of underserved young people.

In our book, for an idea to be big, it must be:


We seek highly creative, entrepreneurial thinking that offers a better way to help young people reach and leverage their potential.


We believe in ideas with staying power: system-level innovations designed to produce long-term solutions.

High Impact

We strive to do the most good with the resources we have. We favor ideas that are large in scale and have deep, measurable impact on populations that need it most.

High Impact

Fully Invested

Every big idea we’ve ever encountered has led us straight to a social entrepreneur.

We can’t say we’re surprised—this crowd has been changing the way we change the world for the last several decades. Once we’re taken by one of their big ideas, we’re all in.

We Invest Knowledge

One entrepreneur to another, we commit to sharing knowledge, capabilities and expertise.

We Invest Money

We make smart financial investments in our partner’s organizations and programs.

We Invest Time

We’ve created an innovative resource-sharing program which allows us to leverage our in-house talent to maximize impact.

Together, we can unleash potential to build a brighter future.