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Our Mission

To unleash the power of underserved youth.

Partnership Approach

The Fossil Foundation supports organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Focused On Underserved Youth
    Organization is focused on serving youth ages 12-24 who are underserved, especially those often excluded from rights and services (e.g. low-income, underrepresented minorities, youth with disabilities and/or otherwise disadvantaged youth).

    Youth-Driven Approach
    Organization is focused on interventions whereby the youth themselves take an active role in charting their paths.

    High Impact
    Organization has strong evidence of impact, is actively measuring its impact and is on an ongoing path to grow its impact

    Organization operates around a core innovation that is disruptive, scalable and involves systemic change. Preference will be given to organizations led by a social entrepreneur with a bold vision.

    Strong Organizational Health
    Organization has strong leadership, robust internal systems and controls, as well as a viable plan for securing its necessary funding.


For more information, please contact info@fossilfoundation.org. The Fossil Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.

Fossil Foundation is a registered U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Global Impact

Grants: 20
Volunteer Hours: 8,947
Volunteers: 3,575
Fossil Foundation in Europe and Africa
Grants: 13
Volunteer Hours: 1,712
Volunteers: 410
Fossil Foundation in Asia Pacific
Grants: 9
Volunteer Hours: 6,451
Volunteers: 1,942